Don’t be depressed

You can choose whether to be depress or not. But is adviceable to stop that feeling of hatred for yourself, feeling of insatisfation with life. Focus more on a positive thinking, so that your mind will gradually begin to rearrange. Note that is a gradual process, even if you are not satisfy with your experience so far in life, don’t give up, don’t be depressed. Depression is usually out of been frustrated in life, not satisfy with life, mental frustration and not being able to have direction in handle specific issues that is overbearing. Please depression is not of God is satanic and sometimes is human manufactured; You worry yourself so much, that you get comfussed, depressed and surpressed. Please there is a way out. One of which is the word of God, which will help position your mindset. Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that is the word of God. For I have not giving you the spirit of fear but of love, of power and of sound mind. I can do all things through God which striengthneth me. Have these words of God in your memory. Speak to that depression to get out of you. But you need to recognise Jesus as your personal Lord and saviour, for the word to be active in your life. Thank all.

Hold on for the best!

Don’t be too in a hurry to accept everything. Don’t settle for less, don’t settle for mediocrity. You are simply the best. Why settle for anyhow, are you anyhow humanbeing? Make choices, the right choices, take time to decide on specific issues. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures, He restoreth my soul. Yea though I walk through the valley of shadow of death I will fear no evil. Thy rod and thy staff, thy comforted me, thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies thou anointest my head with oil. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me, all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of Lord for ever and ever amen. I recommend this for you to hold on to the best, thank you all.

Don’t be afraid of doing what you don’t need in you

One of the method I will say you can use to combat what you don’t need in you, maybe like bad characters, habbits, lifestyles, wrong mindsets, wrong imaginations and wrong mental positions is for you not to be afraid of experiencing it. Another method is through the use of postpone to do method: your mind has already been position or set to do the wrong thing or what you don’t need, by using the postpone to do method you are making your mind to feel uncomfortable, because you did not follow the order to do as it set. Because of the repeated doing of that acts it move to habbits from habbits to characters so you can help but do it without struggle, so if you postpone to do it, because of the worry, you did interrupted it and did not follow it immediate command. But I advice that these methods can function and work for you with the help of Jesus, because I tell you is very difficuit to uproot a bad character from ones life, but easy to replace good ones with the bad ones. So you need to surrender to Jesus, who will help you in this adventure of getting out of your sytem bad thoughts, habbits, characters. Also the word of God cannot be ruled out of this. You must study the word of God after surrendering to Him.

Free your mind

You got to really free your mind positively to ascertain understand. Don’t fill yourself with worries and unneccesities. Don’t be killing yourself in self righteousness, thinking you are pleasing God. God is the one who gives power to live righteous. You can never please God through yourself righteousness, so free your mind. Your mind need to function well for an ultimise output. The state of the good freedom set of your mind determines your productivity. That is not to say that you should think that everything depends on you. No, you have your own part to play; God’s has His to play. But then, don’t think God will do His part and yours. Please you really need to recognise Him as personally Lord and Saviour. Thank you.

Touch atleast one life a day

If everyone can atleast strive to put a smile in a single face everyday, then, this world will become a better place to an extend. Lets all consider one another, lets put ourselves in one another’s shoe. If we do these, we can know where are pinching our brother. This a true saying because many people don’t see other people’s problem as something that they can help in one way or the other. Let me tell you, helping someone with an intangible thing like advice can go along way. It may even be that such an one don’t even need tangible thing like money but the intangible like ideal advice. Lets create a chain of touching atleast one life a day. Thank you all. In addition there are foundation you can through them extend a touch to lives. Like the real woman foundation, helpteach foundation, 700 club etc.

One secret to know about success

One secret some of us don’t know is that life is one step at a time. You live your life one step at a time. Some of us get to have problems because, we want to jump one step and begin living a step we are not qualify yet for. See, if you try to manipulate things, overruling principles, you are bound to experience catastrophic results. Live life one day at a time, don’t worry yourself of tommorow and enjoy the beauty of life. Is only those who don’t have plan for the future or who don’t have vision, try to skip one step for the other. Don’t just plan reader, but, plan strategically, for the future. Picture your future in your imagination. Thank you all.

You got other chances!

Why do you want to give up so soon? Why not try more, and even more harder? You got other chances, don’t just stop trying at your almost point of breakthrough. You got other chances! Maybe the point you want to stop as a result of frustration is the point that need a little push to get to the result. So don’t easily get tied, push forward to other tryers, the result of your research, vision maybe there. Lets take Thomas A. Edison for example, who try and try to discover electricity, he tried 10000 times before he got it. So try other ways, you got other chances.

Even if there are no likes, I will write!

Not getting likes or not getting it as intended will not detach me from writting on. Why? Because I know where am heading. Am heading to the destination of awareness explosion. It does’nt matter how many likes, am getting. What matters in this journey to success is focus. My aim towards this blog must come to pass. A time is coming when people will look for me to like. Thanks for those who liked and follow me and also those am following. Thank u all.

Think widely

You need to think widely, because by so doing you become wide. think positively and creatively aswell. The world is facing alot of issues, so think to proffer your own solutions view. If you don’t think you brain become dormant or inactive. Therefore think to become active to problems around you. alot of opportunities abound if only you can figure it out in your mind through immaginative thinking. Immagine problems that are around you and how to provide solutions with the interest of the people in mind. Don’t be selfish in your thinking. If you think unselfishly with the thinking of helping people around you or humans, you will produce productively. I urge you to think widely.