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Satanic programming

Let me say that people in position to write on this tittle, are people who studied demonology. Everything God almighty made, satan imitates or fake it. Whether is local demons, high demons. Satanic programming; satan can be in Nigeria and program comfusion to someone far away in Japan. It look like using a computer to program something. Local demon doing likewise in evil. How do we explain that someone’s body can be eating spiritual, everything in that person’s stomach body eating up. The Person is left at the state of death. Now, I say this is satanic programmimg of death into that person. Coming back to someone in far away Japan or any country; someone will be in Ghana, Nigeria, anywhere very far, from each other and program the person to come back by all means. That is satanic manupulation. Please christians we need to be prayerful and feed ourselves with knowledge of God’s word. As that will help you, fight satanic programming of life. Be it sickness, backwardness and otherwise. Jesus loves us.

Don’t allow anyone belittle you

Listen to me attentively, don’t allow anybody belittle you. Be it a girl; your classmate, childhood friend or someone you have known, through facebook, instagram, youtube, 2go. Or may be through mail or facebook. Hear me, most of the great people today, started small. Don’t allow any personality figure, intimidate you. Don’t allow any lady or girl or boy or man, opposite sex. Make you feel you are worth nothing. You know what, many of this girls and boys. we are looking at immediate satisfaction, forgeting tommorow. We need to discover of passion, work towards it. See yourself as having something in you, and don’t permit anybody belittle you; make you feel you are worthless. But convert any look down of somebody to an energy of motivation to become somebody tommorow. Have vision, have dream. Start small and dream big. If you have accepted Jesus as personal Lord and Savour, please do today.

Becoming a value for a job

Companies and organisations are looking for people of values. Graduates of colleges are busy in search of jobs but with no or little value. As a person you need to cultivate a life of value. Your value is your worth, take away your value, you will just be like any other person working in that organisation. If you study any course at school, please try to study with value in mind. Do not just study a course, just for certificate, I bet you, will look for job without value. And if you eventually get, you will work without value i.e you will just work for pay. You will not make an impart of value, that can make an organisation see you as great asset. So, in school, study with value. Apart from value, study with vision, work in an organisation with vision. Have people interest in heart, in your work place. Obey authorities. Above all, make Jesus your Lord and savour, if you have not done so.

Use your mouth and repair your destiny

You need to apply your mouth in repairing your destiny. You can repair your demage destiny, through what you then start saying, after encountering with Jesus. You need to acknowledge the King of kings and the Lord of lords, so that He can help you with what to say to repair your destiny; through the Holy scriptures. Your choice of words determines your tommorow state. The bible says; as a man thinketh, so is he. If you have already cause enormous or alot of demage in your life and destiny through your mouth, today you can make a u-turn to start making use of it, in repairing your destiny. That reminds me about a saying, which says; that a close mouth is a close destiny. That is telling us, how important your mouth is to your destiny. Position Your self to greatness, in Jesus, through saying the right things. If your destiny is thoroughly demage through your mouth, you can begin today, you still have hope of life, to begin saying the right things. Make Jesus your Lord and Saviour, if you have not done that.

a key to unmarital sexual freedom

If you must hold yourself sexually pure before marriage, discipline can never be rude out. You no what? Even in marriage it takes discipline to stick to your wife only. Whether you are a bishop, pastor, reverend etc, it takes physical discipline to maintain sexual purity in your marriage. Apart from the spiritual discipline, you also need physical discipline, in which in all, you ask God to help you. Both spritual and physical realm of discipline, you have your own part to play. God can’t play your own part because you lazy and don’t care, He does His part when you ask Him, then you do your own part too. Sexual sin, is the only sin someone sin that is against your body and offcourse you sin against God also. Sexual sin can bring a high flyer in the Lord down to a crowler. So, I knew somehow at a point, that discipline will help you to be sexually unmaritally free. If you are married, be satisfy with your spouse, because, the sexual organs are the same, though the face may differ. Be contended with your spouse

Touching lives for Jesus without limit

We need to touch the lives of people begining from our environment with the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and with doing good. Touching lives with the gospel of Christ and doing good to people is not limited and should not be limited to race, colour, religion, culture and language. The gospel should be spread to everywhere and to every language to every country to every religion. Why? Because Christ died for all, not for a particular set of people. You need to have this kind of understand. It will help you do the spreading of the gospel better and make you have love for others. Jesus Christ died for all of us because, He love us all. Acknowledge this today and make use of it to spread the gospel of Jesus without limit.

Show some genorosity in your prayers

Hey! Hey! You don’t need to be selfish in your prayers, come on, show some genorosity in your prayers, is very important. Don’t only pray for yourself, your family only, all the time. Show genorosity in your prayers; by praying for the oppressed, praying for the internally displaced persons that is the idp’s. Also pray for less privedged, motherless homes, prisoners, people in the sick bed, the poor people. More so, pray for your neigbours as well, pray for your friends. There is a prayer, Jesus asked us to pray in the bible: He said pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; pray for your enemies. For you to be able to pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you and your enemies, it takes the love of God. You need the grace of God, the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, which is given unto us. The word of God also said that the love of God contraineth us. So, if we are not born again, we will not have the Holy Ghost. Please give your life to Christ, if you have not, so that the Holy Ghost will help you to pray. More so you need to force yourself to pray for the people as led by the Holy Spirit. God help us all, including me.

Stretch out your hand to the helpless

We need to stretch our hand to the helpless. Sincerely lets touch lives. Affect the lives of people close to you. Everyday people are dying as a result of one illness or the other, as a result of spiritual and physical ignorance. But we as human need to help each. We need each other, in our work place, in business, education and etcetera. Please stretch out your hand to the helpless. Remember what a man soweth, that is what he will reap. Stretch your hand please. You may be in good position to help today and you don’t help, but remember tommorow is pregnant. Stretch out your hand and help the helpless, thank you all.