Higher connectivity worth


I have a higher connectivity worth. Say it to yourself; I have a higher connectivity worth. Don’t limit yourself to a social media. Don’t limit your dream or dreams, vision or visions and aspiration or aspirations in life to social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, 2go etc. Don’t measure your worth, base on your internet connectivity. Don’t bring down yourself so low, that you end up summing yourself up, on just social Internet platform connectivity. Rather, have higher connectivity worth in your mind functioning. If you have higher connectivity worth in your mind functioning, you will understand how big you are. And beside, if you base your value and worth on internet connectivity platforms, you can end up giving up on your dream(s) and aspiration(s) in life. By time you want people to like what you wrote in response or, like and comment, or comment. When you are not getting that response you can get discouraged. In conclusion, don’t base your life worth on internet connectivity platforms. But rather, have they platforms functioning in your mind, in such a higher frequency, that you are not moved by the physical internet connectivity platforms.


A bigger vision


Helpteach foundation is an organization with a bigger vision. The vision of helpteach foundation is bigger than the internet, social media, blogs, email etc. The vision is very wide, versatile and is for the whole world. So therefore, I will not limit myself to the internet, social media etc. The vision is helping and teaching lives and destinies toward realising good dreams. The vision has visions that will be under it. Like the prepared singles and breaking out of addictions visions. So is a bigger vision, that will need partnership all over the world. Be a part of this vision today. You can reach me through e-mail; helpteachfoundationhtf@gmail.com or call me on +2348132275548, or on Facebook with my name; Kingsley Amaka or twitter @helpteachfound. Thank you.

The unplainness of destinies

The road to destiny is not plain. Is not decorated or elaborate, not simple or easy. Your destiny is your destination in life. Understanding that the road that leads to a destiny is not plain is important. It is worthy of note, to know that the road that leads to destiny is not plain. Before one can arrive in his or her destiny, must pass through fire of trial. You will experience a lot of things on the path to your destiny, which forms your story in life. You are as strong as what things you were able to overcome on your way to destiny. What things am talking about is your experiences. I wrote a blog titled ” out of your circumstances, there is a book”. You can search for it here. You will climb mountains to get to your destiny. You will walk on torns, that will pierce your flesh, make you feel pain, misery and frustrated in life on your journey to destiny. Although, experiences can differ in life. Also, experiences can differ in toughness of life, depending on the colourfulness of a destiny, coming from a spiritual angle. Don’t exit this world unnoticed.

Physical, mental and spiritual work.

Physical has to do with what we can see. Mental has to do with the brain. And spiritual has to do with what we cannot see. Physical work is the work we do, that can be seen and touched. In other words, is concrete. When I talk of the mental work, is the work of the brain. Tasking your brain to bring out the best. And finally, the spiritual work, is a work done, that cannot be seen with the physical eye. Now, the question is, out of all these works, which is more productive? Well, Am going with all of them. All are important for more productiveness. Whether physical, mental and spiritual work. I write, for you to derive productiveness from you, you need to strike a balance between all of them. But also, you need to know that the mental can’t exist in absence of the physical. But I think the mental can’t exist without the spiritual. Because, your brain work imagination cannot be seen. If it cannot be seen, then is similar to the spiritual. I think they are close. Put your mind to positive work with your brain in mental work. Don’t live the spiritual out of it. Although the brain for the mental work as part of the physical body, should not be left dormant. Use it as a tool to create solutions to problems around you. Task it to produce good results.

Update yourself for a better self.

You need to update yourself for a better self. If you don’t update yourself, you will be outdated. You are not expected to be doing things the way it was done 20years ago and obtain the obtainable results for now. Why? Because things are changing. That is with the exception of God’s word, because is unchangeable. Update yourself with good information that will help you, in your area of specialisation, focus or any area. Update yourself from time to time and become better in your area. If you update yourself, you will be up till date. Your update with good information will help you in studying, teaching and understand God’s word. Remember if you do not update, you will be outdated and obstinated.

Applying creativity in whatever you do.

Learn how to apply creativity in whatever you do. Don’t be stereotypical in doing things, be creative, innovative and calculative in doing things. In whatever you do as a profession, whether in business, education whatever area, be creative. Try and apply a creative difference. What I mean by that is a difference in whatever you do by creativity. Now, everybody have the capacity to be creative, either by developing it, or is innate in you. Creativity application in whatever you do can make a significant difference. Same thing but differently can be differentiative. Jesus loves you and want you to be saved. So, if you have not accepted Him as your personal Lord and Savour, please do by comfessing Him as Lord and Savour with your mouth. For with the heart believeth, and with the mouth comfession is made unto righteousness. Please do it now, because the rapture is at hand.

What is inside you, is great

You need to know that you were not born in to this world empty. You were born with something great inside you. Your destinies are great, remember that. Greatness begins with recognising who you are – recognising you have a potential inside you. Don’t forget this, that you have something inside you, that nobody else has in the whole wide world – that particular thing makes you unique and differentiates you in this world. But one of the problem is discovering that thing, another is making full or complete use of it. From now on, know that you(real you) is special, unique and different. But you need to surrender your life to Jesus Christ. He can help you bring out that speciaty in you, that can reflect you special for the world to see. He can bring that uniqueness out, to be visible in the world. Please note that the world am using in this context is the physical world. He can differenciate you too. So, make Him Lord and Savour, by comfessing Him as Lord and Savour with your mouth.

One of the ingredients for success

One of the ingredients for success is hardwork. Hardwork means to work hard. This one is more than just working, this one involve a push of yourself to work and it also involve discipline. No great man today, that didn’t exercise hardwork. Talk of great men of God, that you here their names today, if they didn’t work hard and even very hard, they wound not have reach where they are today. They work hard both spiritually and physically; like reading, organising things physically to get to where they are today. And they wound have not succeed with hard work, without discipline. Discipline should accompany hard work, so that it will fuel to result by discipline. Lastly, I want you to know that Jesus loves you and want you saved. So if you have not comfessed Him as Lord and Savour, please do it now, because He will return to rapture the saved ones, living for Him in righteousness.

Your life, your destiny

A dead person is a hopeless person. A dead person can’t accomplish his destiny. Your destiny is your destination in life, without life no destiny, with life, there is hope for ones destiny to be realised. This makes life very important. But, is also important that you make the most of your life. Find out, what is my purpose of living? Don’t live life without a purpose, your purpose is why you were created? The manufacturer of a product knows the reason why he created his product. So, the best person in place to tell you why you were formed, is your manufacturer God Almighty. But before you ask Him, give your life to Him, if you have not. Do it, by comfessing Him as your personal Lord and Savour. Discover yourself through your creator, by knowing Him and then, you ask Him.