Touching lives for Jesus without limit

We need to touch the lives of people begining from our environment with the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ and with doing good. Touching lives with the gospel of Christ and doing good to people is not limited and should not be limited to race, colour, religion, culture and language. The gospel should be spread to everywhere and to every language to every country to every religion. Why? Because Christ died for all, not for a particular set of people. You need to have this kind of understand. It will help you do the spreading of the gospel better and make you have love for others. Jesus Christ died for all of us because, He love us all. Acknowledge this today and make use of it to spread the gospel of Jesus without limit.

Show some genorosity in your prayers

Hey! Hey! You don’t need to be selfish in your prayers, come on, show some genorosity in your prayers, is very important. Don’t only pray for yourself, your family only, all the time. Show genorosity in your prayers; by praying for the oppressed, praying for the internally displaced persons that is the idp’s. Also pray for less privedged, motherless homes, prisoners, people in the sick bed, the poor people. More so, pray for your neigbours as well, pray for your friends. There is a prayer, Jesus asked us to pray in the bible: He said pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; pray for your enemies. For you to be able to pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you and your enemies, it takes the love of God. You need the grace of God, the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost, which is given unto us. The word of God also said that the love of God contraineth us. So, if we are not born again, we will not have the Holy Ghost. Please give your life to Christ, if you have not, so that the Holy Ghost will help you to pray. More so you need to force yourself to pray for the people as led by the Holy Spirit. God help us all, including me.

Stretch out your hand to the helpless

We need to stretch our hand to the helpless. Sincerely lets touch lives. Affect the lives of people close to you. Everyday people are dying as a result of one illness or the other, as a result of spiritual and physical ignorance. But we as human need to help each. We need each other, in our work place, in business, education and etcetera. Please stretch out your hand to the helpless. Remember what a man soweth, that is what he will reap. Stretch your hand please. You may be in good position to help today and you don’t help, but remember tommorow is pregnant. Stretch out your hand and help the helpless, thank you all.

There is something to get out of life

Am talking to you that think that there is no more hope for you. Am talking to you that feels that is nothing life can offer. Am speaking to you that is totally giving up on life, I tell you, there is something to get out of life. You didn’t come to this world without a gift or talent. Readers you were not created empty. Look, dig deep and get something out of life. Life is waiting for your exploration. Common dig deep, there is something to get out of life. Thank you.

Clearing the way for your future

There are obstacles to the future of greatness! If you sit and do nothing, eventually you will end up as nothing! You need to clear the bush of obstacles and impedinment on the road to success. Some people had clear their own, today they are remembered for their works! For you to make an impartful and great achievement, you need to clear your path to it. Whether is laziness, wrong mindset: untill a man’s mindset is resetted, there will be some obstacles and hinderances that can limit him. All obstacles to success should be cleared, through prayers to Jesus. You have your own part to be clearing also, after praying to Him. Above all, if you have not surrendered to Him, please do, as this, will help you to clear your way to success. Comfess Him as Lord and Savour. Believe He died for you aswell. Thank you all.

Thinkers and solvers

If you think, you solve problems. As time progresses and we exit to centuries and centuries, what was obtainable before, is bound to change. As we know that change is the only thing, that is constant in life. But you got to understand that thoughts are things: in which if moulded and packaged well produce a packaged result. We need to think ahead of time. We need to predict things, that can happen with time. That is why, you need to be a thinker to be a solver. If you think well continously, you become expose to solutions. Think through to break through. You know there are hidden opportunities around us: that if you think through, you will break it out and notice it. I don’t want to write much. Just think positive, keep thinking positive. Jesus is Lord.

Choose what to think

Don’t allow your mind control you, control what you think, control your thoughts. Do not give your mind a chance to think what you don’t permit. Or don’t allow your mind to think the wrong things. Why? Because the wrong things will corrupt you. It will corrupt the way you feel, react, respond and reason. So control your mind, you have power to control it. Why do you have power to control it? Is because, you are the one, who will think on that particular thoughts, to activate it to action. So as a human being you can choose wether to think on evil or good, I tell you, that you have the power to choose your thoughts. If you choose to think on evil, definately expect to reap evil fruit. If you choose good, expect the fruit of good. But there is something very important I must relate to you. The word of God is the renewer of mind, you need the word of God to help, renew, rearange and order your mind. The of God(bible) is a transformer and a renewer, and has the capacity of changing your thinking. And it has capacity, the enablement, the power most expectially to help you choose your thinking. But you need to identify with Him, the Lord Jesus Christ, if you have not. Comfess Him as your personal Lord and Saviour if you have not. Thank you.

Think forward

You really got to think forward dear reader! Because if you are faced with difficult and comfusing situation, situation really tough and weakening. In this situation, you are not espected to remain there, you are not supposed to remain in the circuit of blame, regret, comfusion, dear ready, you are supposed to think forward. If you got to escape the weakeness, discouragement and setback that particular situation present with it, then, you got to stand up, get up and think a way out of the mess, situation and difficulty of life. If you remain in that situation, you will get exhausted in complain and aportioning of blame. Think forward! If you think forward, you will gather momemtum, energy, striength to move forward. Think forward and move forward is a secret striength to escaping difficult situations. Imagine your situation small. Don’t exergerate your situation in your mind. Relax and don’t allow it to trouble you. Then, in your relax state, think forward out of that situation or problem. Also, at a point, think on those things that makes you happy. If you don’t have a vision, dream and goal in life, then, try and have them. I pray God will help us think forward. Moreso you also need to aknowledge Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour if you have not done that, okay! Because is very important to identify with him, so that heaven will identify you. Just comfess Him as your personal Lord and Saviour today.

Your tongue carry power

As little as your tongue, it controls all the words that comes out of your body. It is unruly, cannot be tamed, full of deadly poison. But one beautiful thing about the tongue, is that, you can have what ever you desire through saying it with your mouth, okay. So I advice you to make proper use of it, because death and life lieth in the power of the tongue, and they that love shall eat the fruit thereof. Another beautiful thing concerning the tongue is that it has the ability to deliver you with good: like good health, good money, good houses, infact all the good things of life. The tongue will deliver it to you, only when you have eating the fruit thereof, by comfessing positive words all the time. Make judicious use of this precious gift God has giving us. Also make Jesus your personal Lord and Saviour today, by comfessing Him as your Lord and Saviour.