Climbing up, and down to your destination

The inspiration of this blog is out of my unhappiness. Life destination is like climbing a flyover and in doing that, something is involved. Especially with a leg or bicycle, you will find out, difficuity is involved. With a car, is not difficuit to the driver but it tells on the car, even if, is not like that. Climbing up, and down to your destination, you need help. In the car or machine or anything that is engine carriable, you need fuel as the help to make it move. Bicycle or leg need energy; this energy comes from the break down of carbonhydrate. This morning as I was climbing the flyover with my bicycle, the thought of this title was formed. I learnt, as I climbed up with the bicycle it was difficuit, that I even at a point, pushed the bicycle up, until I think is okay. Then, when rolling down, it was easy and enjoyable for me. In conclusion, We need Jesus to help us in destinations of life. God can help us in difficuities, in our journey to our destinations. Lets give him the chance, in our lives.

Living a life of impart

How can someone live an impartful life? Someone can live an impartful life by living a purposeful life. What then is a purposeful life? A purposeful is a life with purpose, and purpose is discovering why you were created. Until someone is purposeful, he cannot make an impartful imparts in his generation. The world is looking for solutions to unending problems. But, one who is making his impart, will help produce solutions to his world. And it can be through the wisdom of God and His permission. Today, I want to encourage you to make impart, live impart and be living impart. Show love to humans, and be showing love, if you want to make impart, live impart and be living impart.

The same ,but, different

Two people like twins can look the same, but, have different content. followers can behave the same way, the leader behave, but have different content. Is important you discover you content. Your content is your value. Your content is your real you. There is not the real you, value, without content. Show me a hero and I will show you a content. Show me a historian, and I will show you a content. But is important to position your content towards the positive direction. There is no book without contents. These contents are in chapters, pages, subheadings, paragraphs. If you equate this to life and think it, you can see extra ordinary meaning from this. Now Jesus is waiting at your door, your heart, and if you open, He will come in.

Words are powerful part2

If you remember in part1, I said, it does not matter if you are a born again or not, christian or not. The fact is that, the universal law of sowing an reaping, respond to everyone, christian or non-christian. But as a christian, you are in a platform of Christ, the best platform, where you say something and it happens. You say it, authoritatively as one who knows his right, as a child of God. Words spoken by a child of God are very powerful. That is why as a christian, don’t talk anyhow. The bible says; death and life are in the power of the tongue. Be careful! and watch the things you say! Sow seeds of words, in your destiny as a christian, and reposition your destiny. But know this, Jesus loves you, with everlasting love! And want you saved, for eternity.

Words are powerful part 1

We must have to be careful the way, we use our mouth in saying things. Why? Because words are powerful. God created the world with the mouth, so you can create your world with your mouth. Your current state is the result of your pass seeds, you sowed with your mouth. Let me also say to you, that this sowing, those not matter if you are a born again or not, christian or not. The point is words are powerful. Beautify your life today, by saying the right things. Remember this, Jesus loves you and want you saved.