Her thoughts dominated my mind

This domination is not a good one but an evil one. Why did I say is an evil one? Because, is of lust. Please reader, we need to really work on ourselves, and inconcate free-lust and self discipline and control with Christ Jesus. Lust can make someone go mad in behavour. Am talking about deep lust. Lust can push you to mastubation. Why? Because cabage in, cabage out. As a man thinketh, so is he. Lust can make you want to have sex with everything on skirt, that catch your attention sexually. Lust and mastubation, work hand in hand. Infact lust is the mother of mastubation, funication and adultery. And it can be mother also to other sexual expressions. The mind is powerful and has ability to play what you have cabage in, and allow to dominate you. Please, lustful, unheathy, negative thoughts should be disallowed by a christian. Things that make you lust, should be disallowed or avoided. Thank you all.


Youths be patient

Youth be patient in life! Success in life takes patient. My focus direction that gave rise to this tittle; is because of marriage. If you are a youth please be patient and wait for your time of marriage. Youth of today don’t want to be patient and wait for their destinies to manifest. Youths of today rather want to live big, without hardwork. Many youths of today join cultism in search of protection, power, money and fame. Now many of these youths end up stealing in campuses, committing many atrosity. And this kind of youths and talking about are killing themselves. What is the gain of killing yourselves, youths, cutting your life short, and destinies cut short. These things hapenning with the youths are as the result of lack of wisdom in Jesus and satanic manupulation. Youths, don’t allow yourselves to be use as political thugs, for any politician for his selfish interest. Lastly Jesus loves you and don’t want you to perish. Surender to him if you have not done so. Thank you all.

Satanic programming

Let me say that people in position to write on this tittle, are people who studied demonology. Everything God almighty made, satan imitates or fake it. Whether is local demons, high demons. Satanic programming; satan can be in Nigeria and program comfusion to someone far away in Japan. It look like using a computer to program something. Local demon doing likewise in evil. How do we explain that someone’s body can be eating spiritual, everything in that person’s stomach body eating up. The Person is left at the state of death. Now, I say this is satanic programmimg of death into that person. Coming back to someone in far away Japan or any country; someone will be in Ghana, Nigeria, anywhere very far, from each other and program the person to come back by all means. That is satanic manupulation. Please christians we need to be prayerful and feed ourselves with knowledge of God’s word. As that will help you, fight satanic programming of life. Be it sickness, backwardness and otherwise. Jesus loves us.

Don’t allow anyone belittle you

Listen to me attentively, don’t allow anybody belittle you. Be it a girl; your classmate, childhood friend or someone you have known, through facebook, instagram, youtube, 2go. Or may be through mail or facebook. Hear me, most of the great people today, started small. Don’t allow any personality figure, intimidate you. Don’t allow any lady or girl or boy or man, opposite sex. Make you feel you are worth nothing. You know what, many of this girls and boys. we are looking at immediate satisfaction, forgeting tommorow. We need to discover of passion, work towards it. See yourself as having something in you, and don’t permit anybody belittle you; make you feel you are worthless. But convert any look down of somebody to an energy of motivation to become somebody tommorow. Have vision, have dream. Start small and dream big. If you have accepted Jesus as personal Lord and Savour, please do today.

Becoming a value for a job

Companies and organisations are looking for people of values. Graduates of colleges are busy in search of jobs but with no or little value. As a person you need to cultivate a life of value. Your value is your worth, take away your value, you will just be like any other person working in that organisation. If you study any course at school, please try to study with value in mind. Do not just study a course, just for certificate, I bet you, will look for job without value. And if you eventually get, you will work without value i.e you will just work for pay. You will not make an impart of value, that can make an organisation see you as great asset. So, in school, study with value. Apart from value, study with vision, work in an organisation with vision. Have people interest in heart, in your work place. Obey authorities. Above all, make Jesus your Lord and savour, if you have not done so.