Use your mouth and repair your destiny

You need to apply your mouth in repairing your destiny. You can repair your demage destiny, through what you then start saying, after encountering with Jesus. You need to acknowledge the King of kings and the Lord of lords, so that He can help you with what to say to repair your destiny; through the Holy scriptures. Your choice of words determines your tommorow state. The bible says; as a man thinketh, so is he. If you have already cause enormous or alot of demage in your life and destiny through your mouth, today you can make a u-turn to start making use of it, in repairing your destiny. That reminds me about a saying, which says; that a close mouth is a close destiny. That is telling us, how important your mouth is to your destiny. Position Your self to greatness, in Jesus, through saying the right things. If your destiny is thoroughly demage through your mouth, you can begin today, you still have hope of life, to begin saying the right things. Make Jesus your Lord and Saviour, if you have not done that.