a key to unmarital sexual freedom

If you must hold yourself sexually pure before marriage, discipline can never be rude out. You no what? Even in marriage it takes discipline to stick to your wife only. Whether you are a bishop, pastor, reverend etc, it takes physical discipline to maintain sexual purity in your marriage. Apart from the spiritual discipline, you also need physical discipline, in which in all, you ask God to help you. Both spritual and physical realm of discipline, you have your own part to play. God can’t play your own part because you lazy and don’t care, He does His part when you ask Him, then you do your own part too. Sexual sin, is the only sin someone sin that is against your body and offcourse you sin against God also. Sexual sin can bring a high flyer in the Lord down to a crowler. So, I knew somehow at a point, that discipline will help you to be sexually unmaritally free. If you are married, be satisfy with your spouse, because, the sexual organs are the same, though the face may differ. Be contended with your spouse


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