Choose what to think

Don’t allow your mind control you, control what you think, control your thoughts. Do not give your mind a chance to think what you don’t permit. Or don’t allow your mind to think the wrong things. Why? Because the wrong things will corrupt you. It will corrupt the way you feel, react, respond and reason. So control your mind, you have power to control it. Why do you have power to control it? Is because, you are the one, who will think on that particular thoughts, to activate it to action. So as a human being you can choose wether to think on evil or good, I tell you, that you have the power to choose your thoughts. If you choose to think on evil, definately expect to reap evil fruit. If you choose good, expect the fruit of good. But there is something very important I must relate to you. The word of God is the renewer of mind, you need the word of God to help, renew, rearange and order your mind. The of God(bible) is a transformer and a renewer, and has the capacity of changing your thinking. And it has capacity, the enablement, the power most expectially to help you choose your thinking. But you need to identify with Him, the Lord Jesus Christ, if you have not. Comfess Him as your personal Lord and Saviour if you have not. Thank you.


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