Think forward

You really got to think forward dear reader! Because if you are faced with difficult and comfusing situation, situation really tough and weakening. In this situation, you are not espected to remain there, you are not supposed to remain in the circuit of blame, regret, comfusion, dear ready, you are supposed to think forward. If you got to escape the weakeness, discouragement and setback that particular situation present with it, then, you got to stand up, get up and think a way out of the mess, situation and difficulty of life. If you remain in that situation, you will get exhausted in complain and aportioning of blame. Think forward! If you think forward, you will gather momemtum, energy, striength to move forward. Think forward and move forward is a secret striength to escaping difficult situations. Imagine your situation small. Don’t exergerate your situation in your mind. Relax and don’t allow it to trouble you. Then, in your relax state, think forward out of that situation or problem. Also, at a point, think on those things that makes you happy. If you don’t have a vision, dream and goal in life, then, try and have them. I pray God will help us think forward. Moreso you also need to aknowledge Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour if you have not done that, okay! Because is very important to identify with him, so that heaven will identify you. Just comfess Him as your personal Lord and Saviour today.


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