Don’t be afraid of doing what you don’t need in you

One of the method I will say you can use to combat what you don’t need in you, maybe like bad characters, habbits, lifestyles, wrong mindsets, wrong imaginations and wrong mental positions is for you not to be afraid of experiencing it. Another method is through the use of postpone to do method: your mind has already been position or set to do the wrong thing or what you don’t need, by using the postpone to do method you are making your mind to feel uncomfortable, because you did not follow the order to do as it set. Because of the repeated doing of that acts it move to habbits from habbits to characters so you can help but do it without struggle, so if you postpone to do it, because of the worry, you did interrupted it and did not follow it immediate command. But I advice that these methods can function and work for you with the help of Jesus, because I tell you is very difficuit to uproot a bad character from ones life, but easy to replace good ones with the bad ones. So you need to surrender to Jesus, who will help you in this adventure of getting out of your sytem bad thoughts, habbits, characters. Also the word of God cannot be ruled out of this. You must study the word of God after surrendering to Him.


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