Stop turturing your passion

Stop turturing your passion is the title that came to me yesterday night. I felt someone can turture his passion or passions. How can you, having a passion or passions, am talking about good passion or passions and just allow it to be burning like that. I that am speakiing to you have a passion that need to be put to use in some ways I may not know. Though I am already puting it, into use through this blog, but I need to put to use, of it in the church. The body of christ need someone like me. But there are reasons why am not putting to use this potentials of mine, the level and way I ought to. 1. The reason is because am a shy person, to stand in the public, am not use to. But am breaking out 2. The mind wanted to be a serious impediment to me, but by the grace of God am overcoming. Praise God. So I urge everyone of you to stop turturing his or her passion and put it, to use. But you need God to help you do that. Surrender to him today, by making Him your personal Lard and Saviour. Thank you.


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