Channelling your thoughts toward the right directions

Is proper and useful and even very useful to channel your thoughts toward the right directions. As a matter of fact you need to think creatively. Don’t be miopic in thinking and expect as exccellent productivity. Don’t spend your time think non important, non-profitable and non-rewarding thoughts. The devil can bring up a useless and stupid thoughts to you to begin imaginning it, so as waste your time in non-profitable thoughts. Okay what is your gain of thinking condeminable, worryingly and suciderly? The devil don’t want you to think sound, so that you will not go far in life. Infact because of the way many people thinks, it has drastically reduced their creativity and productivity. For example, my self is a victim of the negative and unimpartable partern of thinking in life. Please, why are wrong thoughts easily thought about? Why not positive thinking coming? To end this write up I urge everone to think positively all the time not some time. I have to go now thank you for reading.


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