Just do your best…

This blog is a special one. Am living in condemination of sins, and I use to be mentally restless because of the sin I commited or mistakenly commited. At points of committing such sins, I will be restless and even very very restless mentally. But I believe God was speaking through me yesterday that do your best and live the rest for me. I understand that I can’t live righteous by own. Am living by the righteousness of God not by my own righteousness. So why should I be pleasing my self? I believe that am pleasing my self thinking am pleasing God. My prayer is that I will stop pleasing my self. Live for God not for self. As many living in condemination because of sin, I pray God almighty, and the one who will judge will help you.


One thought on “Just do your best…

  1. The correct title is Just do the best, to stay out of sin not just do your best, because your best may not be enough but do the best to stay away from sin and live to the rest for God. Never u allow urself to live in condemination.


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