Keep your vision burning

The vision of helpteach foundation will not die. The vision of helping and teaching lives and destinies in realising good dreams, will certainly not die. Even though the vision is not tangible yet, certainly in the future will be. I now speak to you, keep your vision burning do not allow it to die, because of challenges. Like me, am facing challenges in thinking, in health even in character, making me restless and even making me mastubate, in the bid of realising my self of pressure and restlessness. You maybe passing through similar thing like me, but I encourage, don’t let your vision die. Even your good dream. Despite your situation keep on moving untill you reach. Don’t stop untill you reach.


Living in the guilt of not working for God

Am living in the guilt of not working for God. My hidden treasures, still remain hidden at a reasonable level. The number of People that supposed to be reached with what God have placed or deposited in me, have not been reached. And above all I have not start enjoying God, all because I believe I have not start working for God in his vainyard specifically. I wrote a point down one day and somehow, God is the one who said that I think so now. Am living in the guilt of not working for God. I went to church today, seeing the choir minister, it was wonderful and I remembered not working for God. And I think I have passion for music, I don’t know wether God is directing me to that area. But I think the reason why I have not worked for God is because am a very shy person, in addition now I think I have not plan my self very well in the area of what to wear, that is clothing. I pray as many living in guilt or this way, because of not working for God, God will help you out.

Just do your best…

This blog is a special one. Am living in condemination of sins, and I use to be mentally restless because of the sin I commited or mistakenly commited. At points of committing such sins, I will be restless and even very very restless mentally. But I believe God was speaking through me yesterday that do your best and live the rest for me. I understand that I can’t live righteous by own. Am living by the righteousness of God not by my own righteousness. So why should I be pleasing my self? I believe that am pleasing my self thinking am pleasing God. My prayer is that I will stop pleasing my self. Live for God not for self. As many living in condemination because of sin, I pray God almighty, and the one who will judge will help you.

Challenges of life

As far life is concerned, challenges cannot cease. The best we can do is to face and defeat it. Cowards can be overwhelmed and defeated, so therefore be courageous in the face of challenges. No matter what you are going through as challenge in your life, be bold comfront it and overcome it. You can’t escape challenges in life. Trying to avoid challenges is like trying to avoid greatness. May God help us.

The power of the mind part2

The mind as set has the ability to change and transform you. At the same time can mar your destiny and dreams. As set. We need to deal with the mind wisely in a supposed manner. The mind I believe have turn many high flyers to croolers. There are ways people think, people act, people behave that is as a result of the mindset. Believe me or not unless you change the way you think in your mind, you remain unchanged, still having same old characters, behaviours etc. But you need Jesus Christ; the One that have all it takes to transform. First of all acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savour. Then you grow in Him in you life. You can even comfess Him with all your heart, own your closest, cause He will hear you. Be it the language He will understand. Do it now.

Keep on moving

You really have to keep on moving. Put the past behind you and forge ahead. Sometimes because of how situations have blind folded people, they eventually end up missing the goodies in front of them. You cannot change the past but you can do something to better the future. The past is the past. The future is the future. Your future can be more important than your past. Keep on moving ahead. Straight forth your head and keep it focus. Put the past behind. The ways you can put your past behind, that can terminate your future is NO1. GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS CHRIST. NO2. Attend church where you will be nutured spirtually. NO3. Renew your mind by studying the word of God. NO3. Commit your self to the work of God. I pray as many will read this will be touched positively in the name of Jesus. Amen.