Big inside

Yestersday as I WAS WRITING about this title at a point my batery trip off. But I said to myself at a point that the one I will write will be better than that one. I had faith. This brings me to a title that can make you change the way you think, the way you see your self. Some people see theirselves as never going to make it, some have low esteem, they calculate theirselves as umimportant. But I came in the name of Jesus to announce to you that you will no longer be denounced. One thing is very important here, to take into consideration, Jesus christ is knocking at the door and wants to come in and sup with you please open the door. Accept him as your personal Lord and saviour today, and watch how things by his grace will change. And also be patient with Him, He is worthy no matter what. Remember this. You are big inside by the one who makes big, that is Jesus, accept Him.


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