Be the change you want to see!

Stop waiting for your country’s government, be that change you want to see! your government alone cannot bear that responsibility. As a citizen, contribute your own quarter; thats patrotism. Our countries are experiencing economy reccession, or one issue or the other that has to do with the well being of the citizen. The world are asking for help, seeking for solutions. Thank God Am happy to announce to you of a man who can help us. That man is gentle and humble, His willing to help us if we give Him the chance. But knowing Him is of almost important because He is the helper of humanity. His name is Yahweh, His name is the unchangable, realiable, His name is Jesus Christ. So if you have not surrendered to Him please quickly do that by comfessing Him as your personal Lord and Saviour. If you have done that now, begin to tell Him you are sorry for all your neglects, all your sins. As you do all that God bless you. Find a bible believing church and attend to be granded in the word of God. Thank you.


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