Meet me on whatsup and facebook.

This is to inform someone trying to call me up to know about helpteach foundation, that I am on whatsup with the number:09076375610 and with facebook username of kingsley Amaka. Am waiting for your discusion.


Big inside

Yestersday as I WAS WRITING about this title at a point my batery trip off. But I said to myself at a point that the one I will write will be better than that one. I had faith. This brings me to a title that can make you change the way you think, the way you see your self. Some people see theirselves as never going to make it, some have low esteem, they calculate theirselves as umimportant. But I came in the name of Jesus to announce to you that you will no longer be denounced. One thing is very important here, to take into consideration, Jesus christ is knocking at the door and wants to come in and sup with you please open the door. Accept him as your personal Lord and saviour today, and watch how things by his grace will change. And also be patient with Him, He is worthy no matter what. Remember this. You are big inside by the one who makes big, that is Jesus, accept Him.

You are the best!

Don’t look down on yourself. Don’t look down on your potential, you are the best of yourself. There is hidden treasures in you! Look for way to bring out the hidden treasures. You are unique! You are special and peculiar! As far as God is concern you are different! You carry something other people don’t have! You are simply the best! Go for the best, go for the special, go for the excellent cause you deserve it. Don’t look yourself as trash, carry the mind of peculiar. Expect the best! But all these is in Christ Jesus if you have not accepted Him do and commit your life to Him. Cause He is the best Gift. Call me on 08132275548

There is hope!

Indeed there is hope with Him that gives hope. As I went to church this morning I was hopeless. But along the line as the man was speaking he said somethiing like “before you leave this service you will be happy.” And after the service was over I went to eat somewhere, and at a point I began to feel hope, feel happy. So what the man of God said, happened. In the church seeing the choir minister, and in my passionate way of worshiping God, different thoughts was coming. The thought of doing what the choir was doing. Though it was not without regrets of mastubating and not starting in time.

The positive usage of social media.

The beauty social media have brought to communication cannot be overemphasized. But then too much of a thing they say is not good. The way an individual use these social networks is very important because the way you use it determines the kind of information you desiminate. Some people upload pornographic images, that is sexually obsessive and mind polluting pictures. That cannot help us in a positive manner. Social media should be a place you learn things, interact positively and share a positive or teacheable experiences. Today people go half naked on social media advertising their body and harrasing people sexually. Is a pity for such people. Use social media like facebook, watsup, 2go and others very well. God help the world.

Be the change you want to see!

Stop waiting for your country’s government, be that change you want to see! your government alone cannot bear that responsibility. As a citizen, contribute your own quarter; thats patrotism. Our countries are experiencing economy reccession, or one issue or the other that has to do with the well being of the citizen. The world are asking for help, seeking for solutions. Thank God Am happy to announce to you of a man who can help us. That man is gentle and humble, His willing to help us if we give Him the chance. But knowing Him is of almost important because He is the helper of humanity. His name is Yahweh, His name is the unchangable, realiable, His name is Jesus Christ. So if you have not surrendered to Him please quickly do that by comfessing Him as your personal Lord and Saviour. If you have done that now, begin to tell Him you are sorry for all your neglects, all your sins. As you do all that God bless you. Find a bible believing church and attend to be granded in the word of God. Thank you.

There is always a start!

You must start from somewhere to somewhere. You don’t start from the top to the top but rather you can start from the buttom to the top. Or you start from the average to the top. Although some start from the top to a more top; that is possible if the now top is preparing the future intending to remain top. But in all these, there is always a start; there is a day you start doing something. You don’t just exist in a thing, because we are limited by time. You start somewhere. Is only God that exist without any help, without anybody creating Him. Because He is the independable reality. He existed without the help of anybody. He is not limited by time. He knows the end from the begining. He can start anywhere He choose to start, because already He knows what the outcome will be. But humans are limited by time. You reading now needs to recognise Him that is not limited by time. If you have not surrendered to Him, do that by comfessing Him as your personal Lord and Saviour. Do it now!

You have a creative power.

Yes, you in particular am talking to, you are created in the image of God and so is all of us on the face of the plannet, that are humans. But the only thing that seperates us from God(Jesus) who created us in his image after His likeness is sin. Instead we are suppose to be creative like God who made us. The revise is the case. But the reason why the case is different is because we refuse to give our lives to the one who created us the first place. We have refused to acknowledge the King of kings and the Lord of lords, Jehovah Almighty, the creative power His self, Lion of the tribe of Judah and the begining and the end. Please note, before you can put to use the creative power of God, which God has giving to humans, you need to first give your life to him. Secondly you need to start building yourself scripturally; by taking the sincere milk of the word, also by going to the gathering of the children of God. That is the house of God. Building yourself scripturally is very important. Please you better start now, the early you start the better for you and your generation unborn. Don’t forget as you prepare for the future, don’t forget the end of the world is at hand. Soon Jesus will appear to rapture the saint, think about this.

Don’t stop doing the right thing.

It pays to continue doing the right thing. You may encounter weakness, discouragement and tiredness at a point. But is important that you continue doing that which is right. Practice makes improvement. Practice make perfect. I urge that despite the challenges of life that is bound, that comes your way, do not stop doing the right thing. As you continue doing that which is right, your day will come. A day when you will come to lime light. A day your voice wll be heard. In conclusion as you put to practice this block, please note that heaven and hell exist. And hell is a terrible place. Heaven is a beautiful place. For you to be in heaven you need to follow the principles of getting there by first surrendering ur life to Jesus. Comfess Him as your personal Lord and Saviour now. God bless you as you do that.