The unlimited you

Do you have that conciousness that you are unlimited in life. Situation don’t determine you,government leadership don’t. Why are you waving at situations God can limit. Do not be discourage at the reccession around the world, our economy is not of this world, therefore, is unlimited. The economy of heaven is never dwindling and can never fail. But people have allowed situation of the limited economy to oppress and depress them therefore controlling and influencing the way the speak. That is why you will see a christian speaking out of heavenly point, saying economy is hard, things are hard. Ok if things are hard why not become hard or become even harder in your mind to face the situation. Identify the need of people around you and begin to attend to it. Be a problem solver not a problem creator. Another thing is to be a source of help to individuals, to people, and this foundation has been founded to help reach out to individuals in need of help, take advantage of this medium. But then you need to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savour before you can enjoy heavenly economy. So give your life to Him and you will not regret it.


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