Out of your circumstances there is a book.

Life is like a book. It pains me that I am not where God wants me to be. I was thinking about knowing Him personally because, I calculated a God who created beautiful grasses, trees; when I combine them in look, was very sweet to me. A God who created the beautiful flowers. There is great need to know Him personally, there is great need to know Him like a friend; very close and can embrace you. At this my age am suppose to be doing great exploit for God, am suppose to be writting books, because inside of me there is greatness. But instead of doing these things am busy battling with the sin of lust, furnication in the heart, mastubation; both in the heart and physical. My prayer is that God will set me free and as many in this bondage. Lastly out of your circumstances don’t give up because out of it there is a book.


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