The recovery of a supernatural key

Despite my sin last night God still shew me mercy, the sin which pained me so much that I totally see myself as a terrible sinner, I was ashamed of myself infact, I thought that if I committed this sin, then, there is no difference between me an a prostitude. But even with this sin God in a dream made me recover a key that would have been lost, infact I did recovered keys but the one that gave rise to this title was the single one which I believe was supernatural. They other keys was together. This morning I went to the church to ask God for mercy upon that sin I committed, it was really paining me, I saw myself as a sinner afresh, then, after asking God for mercy and crying to God, pouring out my heart to God and asking him to fight my battles, after everything I said in the alter of God, I left the church and I felt a change at a point and I knew something happened. This sin am talking about is the sin of mastubation; this sin can reduce someone, it can make you feel filthy, many people I believe are into this sin but do not know how to come out, please, if you are in such catigory drop your comment lets talk. God is ready to help and teach.


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