Excellent packaging to produce more sells.

The way you package your product matters alot to how much that product will be sold. In business excellent packaging produce excellent sells. Excellent package plus excellent brand is equals to great sells. Excellent packaging is not only the product here, it also includes you yourself: how you package in your dressing, how you comport yourself, how passionate you are, are very important. One thing I will emphasize is passion. You see if you are passionate in a thing, you will realise that ideas to make that thing work, succeed and become the best will be coming to your mind. Passion is like a propeller that prepels you to do a particular thing. And despite the difficuity in that thing, you wll not give up. But for you to make progress in life you need to know the progresser that is Jesus Christ, surrender to him today.


Flying like an eagle in a dwindling economy.

It is very possible to soar like an eagle in this dwindling economy. Infact I believe there are people soaring in this reccessive economy. Isaac prospered despite they envy from the philistines. Now if Isaac can prosper in the mist of reccession then, it becomes very important to study and know how that happened. Today our own economy is experiencing reccesion and they government is looking for a way to get out of it. But the fact is that the government is trying and are not getting isaac result. We as individual need to tighting up our seat belt, be determine to succeed and have a never give up spirit like Isaac. Despite the challenges Isaac faced he didn’t giveup. Adopt that same partern and see changes. Now if you are not born again, check and give your life to Jesus cause He is the great provider He can help you.

The unlimited you

Do you have that conciousness that you are unlimited in life. Situation don’t determine you,government leadership don’t. Why are you waving at situations God can limit. Do not be discourage at the reccession around the world, our economy is not of this world, therefore, is unlimited. The economy of heaven is never dwindling and can never fail. But people have allowed situation of the limited economy to oppress and depress them therefore controlling and influencing the way the speak. That is why you will see a christian speaking out of heavenly point, saying economy is hard, things are hard. Ok if things are hard why not become hard or become even harder in your mind to face the situation. Identify the need of people around you and begin to attend to it. Be a problem solver not a problem creator. Another thing is to be a source of help to individuals, to people, and this foundation has been founded to help reach out to individuals in need of help, take advantage of this medium. But then you need to accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savour before you can enjoy heavenly economy. So give your life to Him and you will not regret it.

Picture your future…

Is very important to picture your future. You need to imagine what you need to become in life. Now the scripture says as a man thinketh so he is. Visuallize what you desire to become in life, see yourself as if you are already in that future. Picture your future coz in your future is your beauty. I desire to have 500 billio naira then I need to imagine myself already in possesion of it. The principle of autosuggestion should go along with your picturing of your future. Say the things you want to happen to you and then picture yourself already in that future. Thank you.

Reshape your thought part7

Another way to do this, is to think positive about yourself. How do I mean? What I mean by that is; talk positive about yourself. Discuss your positive aspirations with people close to you that are like friends to you. If you don’t see people or person to talk to about your good goals in life, talk to yourself. Like yesterday I heard the voice of someone and I said something like when will my voice be heard. There is a position you get to, people have no choice but to hear you speak. Am aspiring to get to that level and I will certainly get to that level. Reshape your thought by thinking positive of yourself.

Reshape your thought part6

Your race don’t determine your worth. Your worth is the measure of your mindset. Reshape your thought by the way you think. Don’t have this shape of thinking like a midiocrity; Reshape your midiocrity pattern of thinking. Don’t think of yourself in low esteem. think highly of yourself, give your life a lift by the way you think. poverty is not the function of your look is the function of your mindset.

Am full of hope!

Am full of hope because I dreamed big dreams. I dreamed of networking through travelling, meeting with high class personalities, people that can give me contracts(building materials business) that will change my status. These high personalities I thought I will meet them in first class aircraft space provision and first class train space provision. But this is worthy of great note to know the person that gives me this hope. He is the King of kings, Lord of lords, Jehovah yahweh, He is Jesus christ, He is the one that gives me this hope of greater tommorow. If you are loosing hope now I advice you give Him a chance, to take hold of your body, soul and spirit. Surrender to him today and watch to see what will be happening to you.

Out of your circumstances there is a book.

Life is like a book. It pains me that I am not where God wants me to be. I was thinking about knowing Him personally because, I calculated a God who created beautiful grasses, trees; when I combine them in look, was very sweet to me. A God who created the beautiful flowers. There is great need to know Him personally, there is great need to know Him like a friend; very close and can embrace you. At this my age am suppose to be doing great exploit for God, am suppose to be writting books, because inside of me there is greatness. But instead of doing these things am busy battling with the sin of lust, furnication in the heart, mastubation; both in the heart and physical. My prayer is that God will set me free and as many in this bondage. Lastly out of your circumstances don’t give up because out of it there is a book.

Reshaping your thoughtpart5

One of the way you can reshape your thought is through confidence in yourself. You need to have confidence in yourself, when I talk about confidence I talk about confidence in good not evil. You trust yourself to be able to accomplish something somebody believe or think You cannot. One of the way togather this confidence is through studying the word of God, through listening to people that inspires you, that is, positive people, through knowledge of anything good. At this point aspire to be inspire and be confident.

Reshaping your thought part4.

If you need to reshape your thought, one of the thing you must do is that you will learn to talk differently. Don’t join people speaking negativity and speak, say the right things that is, the positive words. Reshape your thoughts by reshaping your talks. What people don’t know is that the words you speak has influence in your life. What your life turns to become tommorow will be determine by what you speak and act upon. Don’t speak hazard to your future but speak words that will build your destiny. Reshape your thoughts by reshaping your talks.