Face challenge and defeat it.

When I say “face challenge and defeat it” I was not drunk when that can out of my mouth. This title stated above really means someone can face challenge and defeat it, as the matter of fact, the best way to face challenge is to face it, face to face not been afraid of it; look at it with your face boldly. People are overwhelmed by challenge because the have not adopted the right aproach to face it. You should know that challenge is part of humanbeing, thats what makes you stronger, courageous. Many people need to know that when you are afraid of a thing, a litle shake from that thing will shake you. You need to know when challenge comes you face it, learn from it, overcome it, and moveahead. If there are not challenges in life people will not aspire to move to the next level at some points. But you need God to help you fight challenges of life, by surendering to him, give your life to him, comfess him as your Lord and Savour and see how He will help you with the challenges of life, God will help us.


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