Parents watch the things ur children watch on tv.

Is very much important to know what ur children are watching on tv, why? Because what some tv stations if not many tv stations are offering are too bad. Just this evenning I watch one sexually provocative music video, and indeed it was very bad and sexually provocative. I thought it right to write on it to create awareness that parent should not allow their children to watch such movies. Such movies are capable of polluting the mind of they children, spoiling them also. Please parent watch the things ur children watch is very important. Today many children learn how to dress improperly from Tv station plus movie. They also learn indicent behavour, sexually provocative manner from those channels. But is worthy of note that u can begin in time to control what ur child, children watch. The best time to start is early, you must start in time. Moreso you need God to help u to train your children and help u with the knowledge to control what they watch, but first of all u need to surrender your life to Jesus.


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