The best way to face failure

The best way to face failure is by not been afraid of failure. You have to face failure with boldness and courage, don’t be moved, don’t be frightened just decide within you to take any outcome from that failure. Failure don’t kill but rather prepares you to be better and couragous to face challenges. I read of thomas A. Edison who failed 10,000 times in a bid to produce an electric bulb, now if it was many of us we would have giving up; I think the reason why thomas edison did’nt give up was because of the way he sees failure- he did’nt see failure as the end of the world and I believe he was not afraid of failure and thats what made him to keep on trying untill that number of times. So in a nut shell the best way of handling failure is by not acomodating fear at all. Just decide to take and handle and learn from that failure. More to this which is the most important, u need to accept Jesus as ur Lord and saviour to help u fight failure and fear in ur life.


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