I want to setup people with creative mindset.

Why I said I need people with creative mindset is because I want to change the history of my country Nigeria. We lack very much in the area production or creativity. Nigerians we need to put to use our creative genus and export what we created to other countries and at a point they begin to enjoy what Nigerians produce. You see Nigerians we don’t need to wait for govt to provide conducive environment, we have waited enough lets create conducive environment for ourselves. How do we achieve that? We should take the bold steps of creativity first, then fight our way into a conducive environment. We need to take this thing positively violently to pass through the hudes of discouragement. And Nigerians we need to wear persistency like a garment to withstand difficuit time, during this quest of becoming productive, and creative. Why we are going to make it is because God who created all humanbeings is a creative genus and we are created in God’s image therefore we must be creative and productive. Lets consume less of other people production and creativity. Look at china, look at many things the are producing. I even heard that the give them assignment parterning creativity and the produce things and submit, thats reminds me Nigeria school should stop teaching more of theory and divert their energy to teaching more of practical. I conclude by saying if u are not born again u need to surrender ur life to Jesus christ because He is the one who can help u to discover urself and help u to discover something that nobody have ever discovered, or make better what have been created. So I want to setup a group with a creative mindset Nigerians need to produce things, and we will achieve it in Jesus name, amen. Moreover along the line of production and creation if we fail lets continue trying untill we succeed.


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