What is the essence of life?

This is a serious question, there is something I saw in rockefeller foundation facebook page which says;American workers spend the majority of their waking hours on the job. How do they feel about what they do all that? Thats the question they asked. My own question here is; is that the essence of life or is that the reason you are living, coz if u are living to spend the majority of ur waking hour on work, then I think u are wasting ur life. Ok let me also ask if u spend majority of your waking hours on work, what happens to ur relationship with your creator(God), what happens to ur health, to ur pleasurable time like visiting beautiful places to enjoy and relax ur self. You see the major reason why people dies anyhow by sickness, depression. People are dying, and many people are perishing, this is like a burden to me this afternoon. People works and works acquires wealth and don’t know the essence of life, they are just existing but not living, they make alot of money but people are not affect by the money the accumulate, they don’t knw how to give. They don’t give meanings to the lives of people and some of this people small time they die suddenly and all their wealth remains on this earth, they dont go with any of Them. Pls let us live out the real essence of life, lets touch lives of people around us with our wealth, our money, put a smile in someones life and see how it feels so good to be alive. People will say since I met him my live changed. Do something today and storeup treasure in heaven. But if u are not born again u need to surrender to Jesus christ coz is him that will help u live a meaningful life.


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