So many unrealized destinies

Do u know that if everybody in this world are realizing their destinies or places this world will be very sweet. All this comfusion will have today because of people in wrong places would’nt have been if people were realizing their selves, if someone who suppose to be a doctor is now a pastor don’t u think he will not deliver verywell or passionately in that area? Or someone who is suppose to be a president is now a pillot don’t u also think he we not perform ultimally and passionately well. Away from that my focus is on many unrealized destinies-someone by named Willian Shakespear said that the richest place in the world is the gave yard. I agree with him because there are many people who have died with unfulfiled dreams, plenty of unfulfiled dreams in the grave, but the question is why are people not attaining their destinations in life? I think one of them is seperation from God in heaven, many are seperated from Jesus because of sin another one is due to lack of focus in life another is lack of vision I mean desire that great desire to fulfil ur dream and goal in life and finally I will say lack of giving that is u are self centered.


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