Channels of greatness

Greatness is attainable, some people thinks that greatness is unattainable but this is the truth greatness can be achieved. But u need to knw how greatness can be reached, what paths to walk in to get to greatness? Anybody can be great in your own calling and level. Greatness is not wished to pass, is not just inspired, dreamed, desired, hoped to pass it takes hardwork and this is very important here, many people just wish, hope, desire, dream, inspire and even pray for greatness without hardwork this is an error a very big error. Do know that even some evil people work very hard to bring their evil things to pass? Straight-away let me intimate u on three channels of greatness: 1. God the origin of greatness; God is the origin of greatness, if u want to attain good greatness in life u need to surender to the origin of greatness which is Jesus christ he is the number one channel of true greatness 2. Is you yourself, u may wonder why I say so; u have a great part to play in ur becoming great in life just like I say above this writeup that u need to be hardworking, don’t be lazy and expect greatness, it may suprise u to knw that satan his self is not lazy at all his working tirelessly to gather more souls in distruction. So I don’t expect u to be lazy and get greatness 3. Your mentor is the number three channels of greatness as thought by me, now if u show me ur mentor I will tell u the picture of the person u will look like in the future, who u make ur mentor matters to ur greatness. I will discuss mentorship as a suject soon.


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