Record breaker

Am looking forward to the person who will discover cure to hiv, although that is not my vision but it can be someone’s vision somewhere around the world, and even peoples vision around the world. Helpteach foundation is a record breaker, I don’t know about u, but am a record breaker. Am not breaking record once, twice, thrice but am breaking record continously, a day will come when the whole world will feel my impart, enjoy my discoveries, listen to my contributions. Now note that what you like and desire is what u attract and u should afirm that without getting tired. This dynamic world will live in is in need of new things, new discoveries, new ideas, new inventions, new innovations. Make ur contribution by discovering what u can offer? You should study yourself and knw what u do without struggle, know what ur brain can easily analyse and follow ur passion. But them u need to recognize Jesus as ur personal Lord and savour because He alone is the origin of all things, He knws all secrets abt life and can help u discover whatever will be of positive impart to the world, embrace Jesus today and see how ur life will start becoming.


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