Face challenge and defeat it.

When I say “face challenge and defeat it” I was not drunk when that can out of my mouth. This title stated above really means someone can face challenge and defeat it, as the matter of fact, the best way to face challenge is to face it, face to face not been afraid of it; look at it with your face boldly. People are overwhelmed by challenge because the have not adopted the right aproach to face it. You should know that challenge is part of humanbeing, thats what makes you stronger, courageous. Many people need to know that when you are afraid of a thing, a litle shake from that thing will shake you. You need to know when challenge comes you face it, learn from it, overcome it, and moveahead. If there are not challenges in life people will not aspire to move to the next level at some points. But you need God to help you fight challenges of life, by surendering to him, give your life to him, comfess him as your Lord and Savour and see how He will help you with the challenges of life, God will help us.


Be idealistic.

A single idea from God will change your life entirely? But you need to know how you can access God ideas. You need to identify with the third person of the trinity; the holy spirity. Make him your companion by surendering you life to Jesus. There are ideas that have become famous, popular and even explosive, ideas can be power- am talking about good ideas. Something good can be originated through God’s idea. I typing now how writting good ideas down. So therefore I urge that you be idealistic. The world are in need of good ideas.

Parents watch the things ur children watch on tv.

Is very much important to know what ur children are watching on tv, why? Because what some tv stations if not many tv stations are offering are too bad. Just this evenning I watch one sexually provocative music video, and indeed it was very bad and sexually provocative. I thought it right to write on it to create awareness that parent should not allow their children to watch such movies. Such movies are capable of polluting the mind of they children, spoiling them also. Please parent watch the things ur children watch is very important. Today many children learn how to dress improperly from Tv station plus movie. They also learn indicent behavour, sexually provocative manner from those channels. But is worthy of note that u can begin in time to control what ur child, children watch. The best time to start is early, you must start in time. Moreso you need God to help u to train your children and help u with the knowledge to control what they watch, but first of all u need to surrender your life to Jesus.

Time conciousness

Time is very important in life. Time is money. People of great success understand the importancy of time. But u knw, there is need to have the right mindset of Time. If u make judicious use of your time u will make something out of it. In a day u have 24 hours, hw do u make use of this Time u have in a day? Note that any time gone is gone forever. You should not spend your time in unneccesary things and that is why u should have a vision, also have a daily target follow it up with determination. But u need God(Jesus) to help u manage your time well, surender to him today.

Make a turnover.

In life u need to make a turnover because in making a turnover you will make good gain. If u don’t cultivate a life style of making turnover then expect delay. Now we need to turnover in ungainful characters, we need to turnover in our lifestyles; some have a lifestyle beyond their means, and at a point they cannot meet up with the demands of such lifestyle. Many have a pumpous lifestyle that scares people away from them, so watch your lifestyle. Embrace Jesus today, make him your Lord and see hw He will change u.

Developing a good parental relationship with your children.

Parent need to educate theirselves on jet age movement, to help guilde them on 21st century time. For u to be a good communicator to your children u need to equip urselves with knowledge of the time. Some time your child may do something jet age that is not bad and u will conclude that what he or she did was not good because, u don’t have or u lack knowledge in that regard. But firstly u need to be a morally good father or mother by giving ur life to christ then after which, u will be acquiring the word of God because is the most important, so as to help you equip ur child morally. Also the word of God will teach you that u need to talk to ur child good words that will build the destiny of ur child. Don’t ever curse your child, parent.

When this door close, another door will open.

When this door close, another door will open is a true saying, really if u want to experience the truthfulness of this saying; mix faith with patient and see the reality of this title. You maybe disappointed by the closeness of a particular door and wishing it reopens but have u borther to check the next available door, that next door maybe waiting for you to come and take charge of it. The next door maybe better than the first and u are busy stressing yourself on the first one. Take advantage of the available next door but then u need to persist on the first, before going to the next, don’t just rush to the next, this is very important to note. But if u have not giving ur life to Jesus christ, u need to coz he will help u with key to the next door, that if the previous is locked. He will give u opporturnity, so surrender to him.

The best way to face failure

The best way to face failure is by not been afraid of failure. You have to face failure with boldness and courage, don’t be moved, don’t be frightened just decide within you to take any outcome from that failure. Failure don’t kill but rather prepares you to be better and couragous to face challenges. I read of thomas A. Edison who failed 10,000 times in a bid to produce an electric bulb, now if it was many of us we would have giving up; I think the reason why thomas edison did’nt give up was because of the way he sees failure- he did’nt see failure as the end of the world and I believe he was not afraid of failure and thats what made him to keep on trying untill that number of times. So in a nut shell the best way of handling failure is by not acomodating fear at all. Just decide to take and handle and learn from that failure. More to this which is the most important, u need to accept Jesus as ur Lord and saviour to help u fight failure and fear in ur life.

Don’t give up

Don’t give up is the title of this one. I just want to encourage us not to give up in life. If u are frustrated right now and thinking of sucide, please hold on and listen to the voice of God don’t give up, there is still hope, pls don’t give up. There is someone who have not giving up on u; He loves u and died for you, His sacred hebrew name is Yahweh hold on to him. But if u have not surrendered to Him u need to coz He will transform you. Just give him your life and see the difference. Once more don’t give up, is not over yet.

I want to setup people with creative mindset.

Why I said I need people with creative mindset is because I want to change the history of my country Nigeria. We lack very much in the area production or creativity. Nigerians we need to put to use our creative genus and export what we created to other countries and at a point they begin to enjoy what Nigerians produce. You see Nigerians we don’t need to wait for govt to provide conducive environment, we have waited enough lets create conducive environment for ourselves. How do we achieve that? We should take the bold steps of creativity first, then fight our way into a conducive environment. We need to take this thing positively violently to pass through the hudes of discouragement. And Nigerians we need to wear persistency like a garment to withstand difficuit time, during this quest of becoming productive, and creative. Why we are going to make it is because God who created all humanbeings is a creative genus and we are created in God’s image therefore we must be creative and productive. Lets consume less of other people production and creativity. Look at china, look at many things the are producing. I even heard that the give them assignment parterning creativity and the produce things and submit, thats reminds me Nigeria school should stop teaching more of theory and divert their energy to teaching more of practical. I conclude by saying if u are not born again u need to surrender ur life to Jesus christ because He is the one who can help u to discover urself and help u to discover something that nobody have ever discovered, or make better what have been created. So I want to setup a group with a creative mindset Nigerians need to produce things, and we will achieve it in Jesus name, amen. Moreover along the line of production and creation if we fail lets continue trying untill we succeed.