The beauty of communication

Have you taken time to see the beauty of communication? is amazing that someone over there in Califonia will be communicating with someone down here in Nigeria is amazing. Is also astonishing that someone canbe so far away from u, and maybe u don’t even know the person, then facebook connects u and that person by chatting. I give kudos to Mark Zuckerberg who broke world record of descovering what brings people together all over the world. He indeed solve a great problem of human, no wonder he is very rich and known. If one wants to be recognise identify a great need in ur environment and solve it. The beauty of communication cannot be over emphasize is so beautiful somebody anywhere in the world provided their is signal can listen to news, watch news even live news without any wire connecting it; that is wireless. Thanks to the one who discovered it, one who was thought to have a mental problem. Now that is technological communication. Communication is very vital in expressing oneself, many people find it difficuit to express theirself maybe because of low self esteem or lack of courage, it therefore implies that we need to be bold. There are ways one can develop boldness to speak or communicate in the public 1. Is through trying to contribute to questions asked. 2. Is trying to ask questions in public 3. Is through chatting with friends. These three above things will only work if u are doing it consistently.


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