Focuse on your dream

No matter what one is experiencing in this life I encourage u focuse on ur dream. Your dream can be ur overcoming zeal, focusing on ur dream can help u endure to the realization of the dream. What is a dream? A dream according to the 6th edition of Oxford advanced learners dictionary it means to imagine and think about something that you would like to happen-that is one of the dictionary meaning. But I define it as a consuming passion in your mind. Now along the achievement of ur dream many people may or can descourage you, even people u never thought will do that therefore, as this level u really need to be focused to ur dream let it be ur consuming passion,let it saturated every space in ur mind. Experiencing how people behave sometimes makes one disappointed. But above all u need to make Jesus ur personally Lord and Saviour, cos is not only humanbeing the devil uses, He also uses demons and it demonic operations to surpress people away from their goal and dreams. Those who accepted him into their lives have great advantage in this area of the future. So accept him today.


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