Watch the things you say

“Watch the things you say” is an excellent and teachable thought that has a capacible to turn and change ur life or ur entire destiny. Why did I say you should watch things you say 1. Is because there is power in ur mouth; life and death lieth in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. 2. What you say can either build u or mar u- if you want to build ur destiny to the top, u got to be positive in what u say, some have re-arrange their future from what it ought to be to a different thing all together. Positive beings attract positive results. Watch this am not talking about been a part time positive sayer, but am talking about consistent positive sayer, proclaimer. In mathematics positive plus negative is equal to negative- it therefore means if u are saying positive plus negative things, not just saying any negative things but believing and claiming it into ur life then u will have negative results. But if u say, believe and claim positive things plus positive things u will get a positive answer so cultivate the character of saying positive things into ur life, also be positive. It is so easy to say things that are negative, but if u work hard on urself by saying the right things, thinking the right way then u must have done ur life a great favour.


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