Think out the best from you.

You can be the best by thinking out the best from you. You is ur personality, thinkers are solution providers, they create things into being from their imagination. Now they do it with passionate interest, not for money first but for passion first, also environment for thinkers are scruitinized by these creative genius- the look into their environment with a creative eye and see an opportunity in what others see as not workable. They have that sense of perception; they percive what others don’t and see what others don’t see. They either create a totally new thing or they make better or best they things which have been created. They better the lives of people, make life easy and sweet. Reader in u is lying dormant your best, do ur part to think out the best in u. But u knw for u to think effectively, in a sound manner u need to recognise Jesus as ur personal lord and savour so, make Jesus ur lord today. I conclude by saying winners don’t quit and quiters don’t win, even though u think out something and u tried it and it fails don’t give up try again and again, decide to win.


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