Seeing opporturnity in difficuit situations.

Great inventors in pass time and present saw opportunity in dificuit situation or situations. People like Thomas A. Edison, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gate saw opportunity in difficuit situations. How? Thomas A. Edison who made electric bulb encountered difficuit situation like not getting it right, that is failing over and over again, “he failed 1000 times before getting it right.” why such persistency? Many of us if we fail few times we give up but this is a man who saw opportunity to invent first electric bulb despite the challenge, difficuity in the situation. Many of us need to have this kind of spirit- easily not giving up in things. Mark Zuckerberg faced critizism after inventing facebook by his co-inventors before, he left them to focuse his energy in making facebook a reality because he know what he wants. Despite that critizism he did’nt give up because he saw an opportunity instead of the difficuit situation, this young man saw an opportunity to express his innate ability. In conclusion when faced with dificuit situation in the mist of opportunity focuse on achieving the opportunity rather than been scared of the difficuity.


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