The power of the mind part1.

The mind is very powerful, the mind can limit someone it can equally take a person to the zeneth. They say “poverty begins in the mind” thats is very correct because as a man thinketh so is he. Some people see theirselves very small or negligable, they see theirselves that they cannot be rich; they have this kind of poverty mentality-their minds are corrupted, with the virus of poverty of the mind. They believe they can never handle good money, while some other people see money as the root of all evil and therefore no need to acquire good money. Reader the mind has bring down great people and turned them into nothing. Now how can one deal with the mind to work for him positively? 1. You need to be born again, give ur life to Jesus christ 2. You need to feed ur mind with good information like the word f God, good literal works etc. To eliminate in other to substitude the bad information that are there. You need to do hardwork on urself, God will not do that one for u He can only assist u. Take advantage of this blog information and work on Youself.


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