Have a rethink.

Before taking a conclusion on crucial matters have a rethink. Crucial matters like your choice of spouse, ur carreer in life , your choice of place to live, infact ur destiny as a whole. Am telling u these because many people have put theirselves in depression on marriage, carreer, choice of place to live because the refuse to rethink on their decisions. As a matter of fact ur decisions in life should be matched with they decisions of God in ur life; that means u need to enquire from ur maker on decisions u want to take if He says go on then u go on. But am specifically going to focus on marital decisions, many people have been rendered unproductive because of their decision of marriage, they live like they are in bondage, they are unfulfiled, unhappy and depressed because they refuse to rethink and think on a Godly direction, now is not basically a christian thing, but am speaking like this because am a christian. But even as a pegan, muslim or other religion u don’t rush into certain decisons in life that is crucial to ur destination, u need to rethink. Therefore in conclusion think alright and produce right results.


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