Do what others don’t do and be different.

This title came to my mind to write when I was reading “think and grow” by Napleon Hill. In that book Edwin C. Barnes did what others in the organisation of Thomas A. Edison did not do, same to Marshal Field- he did what other merchants was not able to do by continuining his stay to rebuild Chicago, he pointed his finger at the remains of his store, and said, Gentlemen on that very spot I will build the world’s greatest store, no matter how many times it may burn down. The store was built. It stands there today, a towering monument to the power of that state of mind known as a burning desire. What I did observe here is that this man Marshal Field was very persistent, easily not giving up at situation, and he has a vision and he was definite to achieve it. So if u want to be different u have to do things differently, it does’nt matter if u are in the same field what matters here is how packagedly different are you to that particular field. These men have made specific differential impact that will never be forgoten. Another thing I got to emphasis is the kind of company u keep cos the have alot to do in u, if u really want to be different, note that Edwin C. Barnes worked with thomas A. Edison. Who is Thomas A. Edison?- he is a great accomplisher of his time, alright why did’nt Edwin C. Barnes work somewhere else and maybe gets money before doing business with Edison? I live that one for u to answer. In conclusion think-through to break-through and do what others don’t do to create a difference.


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