Who told you cannot make it?

Do u knw that if u change the way u think? It can go a long way re- arranging imposibilities to posibilities in ur life with God. But then ur mindset should be dealt positively by you. Ur thoughts and imaginations carry power that can mar or make u. No wonder the holyscripture by the inspiration of the holyghost said that as a man thinketh so is he. You re the seize of what u think, u are what u think, the man who thinks poverty as a way of life remains poor. So therefore I challenge u to think aright and then don’t have the mindset that u can’t make. “Who told u cannot make it”, disbelieve it, comfess u can make it and work towards making it, you also need to surender ur life to Jesus if u h’v not done so because with God all things are possible.


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