You are too great to be rejected.

This title came to me as I experience my childhood friend by named Ifunanya replying to me harshly and then after she blocked me from reaching her, that was not enough she finally removed me after I replied to her on her timeline consequence on blocking me. I later sent her a resolutional message so that she can accept me again as her friend. The reason why this title came is because I knw who I am, “am too great to be rejected” and am speaking to u reading this now that if u knw who u are, then “u are too great to be rejected”. Why am I too great to be reject 1. Is because I am a small god, representing God on earth, 2. Is because I have a great destiny and I am working towards to achieve it. 3. I have a very very rich mindset- I hv the mind of Christ. 4. I srongly believe I will attend a very, very high position tommorow 5. I h’v vision of helping and teaching destinies and lives in realising good dreams. 6. No one is greater than God. Finally don’t allow anybody I repeat anybody to look down on u, downgrade u, run u down, have a positive mindset(to be discuss as time go on), Wear the right attitude, if u hv questions drop ur comments I will attend to it.


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