The tragedy of positive and negative personalities.

1. Macheal Jackson Macheal Jackson died of cardiac arrest. Upon how recognised and popular he was during his lifetime on earth and even after his death, his end was tragic. Macheal Jackson is the king of pop music. He has influence people worldwide especially the youths. He made great impart in a negative direction. But this I understand that his greatness in a negative direction have an ill-fated/disastrous end and destination. There are people who wants to be like Macheal Jackson but is important to knw that talent comes frm God and Macheal is greatly endowed but he used it in a Negative direction and that made him a negative personality. 2.Fela Kuti Fela Kuti’s birth full name is Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome Kuti. He was born on 15 Oct, 1938, at Abeokuta, Nigeria. He died on 2 August 1997( aged 58) Lagos, Nigeria. He is very talented in music just like Macheal Jackson, he was sent abroad to go and study medicine and surgery, he went there and diverted to music and indeed he is good with music. But is important to state his tragic dismiss. Fela Kuti an African music afrobit genus, such great personality in negative direction from Nigeria paticularly died of HIV/AIDS, what a tragic end. He is a negative personality. Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere. He is the founder and pioneer international director of Greater Evangelism World Crusade(GEWC). He is a positive personality, he was reputed as one of the pioneers of grassroots evangelism. But is also important to tell you what he died of. Apostle Geoffrey Dabibi Numbere died of cancer, what he died of was ugly and therefore tragic. Though he is a positive personality.


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