A man deligent in his business.

This is a biblical statement and it goes thus; seest thou a man deligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men or ordinary men: this is a true saying if u are deligent in what u re called to do u will not stand before ordinary men. Your standing will be in the presence of kings. So this is a workup call for everyone to adopt a live style of deligency. This law is even apply to people on the side of evil, negativity, if u are deligent in doing evil, is not suprising u will certainly become an experte on that for example people into religions like budhism, Ekankar some are very deligent in practising what they belief so they endup becoming very good in they evil they are practising. Therefore, this law is applicable to everyone make use of it and see the difference.


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