The beauty of communication

Have you taken time to see the beauty of communication? is amazing that someone over there in Califonia will be communicating with someone down here in Nigeria is amazing. Is also astonishing that someone canbe so far away from u, and maybe u don’t even know the person, then facebook connects u and that person by chatting. I give kudos to Mark Zuckerberg who broke world record of descovering what brings people together all over the world. He indeed solve a great problem of human, no wonder he is very rich and known. If one wants to be recognise identify a great need in ur environment and solve it. The beauty of communication cannot be over emphasize is so beautiful somebody anywhere in the world provided their is signal can listen to news, watch news even live news without any wire connecting it; that is wireless. Thanks to the one who discovered it, one who was thought to have a mental problem. Now that is technological communication. Communication is very vital in expressing oneself, many people find it difficuit to express theirself maybe because of low self esteem or lack of courage, it therefore implies that we need to be bold. There are ways one can develop boldness to speak or communicate in the public 1. Is through trying to contribute to questions asked. 2. Is trying to ask questions in public 3. Is through chatting with friends. These three above things will only work if u are doing it consistently.


Focuse on your dream

No matter what one is experiencing in this life I encourage u focuse on ur dream. Your dream can be ur overcoming zeal, focusing on ur dream can help u endure to the realization of the dream. What is a dream? A dream according to the 6th edition of Oxford advanced learners dictionary it means to imagine and think about something that you would like to happen-that is one of the dictionary meaning. But I define it as a consuming passion in your mind. Now along the achievement of ur dream many people may or can descourage you, even people u never thought will do that therefore, as this level u really need to be focused to ur dream let it be ur consuming passion,let it saturated every space in ur mind. Experiencing how people behave sometimes makes one disappointed. But above all u need to make Jesus ur personally Lord and Saviour, cos is not only humanbeing the devil uses, He also uses demons and it demonic operations to surpress people away from their goal and dreams. Those who accepted him into their lives have great advantage in this area of the future. So accept him today.

Stop wishing! And act.

“If wishes are horses then everybody will be riding on it.” stop wishing only without acting, is not enough to wish, dream, desire, hope and plan without a corresponding act. Is better not to carry on the above stated exercises without action, I myself I desire to be the best in the area of a foundation;helpteach foundation I founded on the basis of helping and teaching lives and destinies in realising good dreams. Now do u know that no matter hw great and best my desire is without me working to get there in my own part it will die? So dear reader is very important to wish, dream, desire, hope and plan a better future, cos any great leader, inventor, innovator pass through the above stages in a certain amount before they got to where they are today. Moreover you need to study the lives of successful people in your area of great interest.

Watch the things you say

“Watch the things you say” is an excellent and teachable thought that has a capacible to turn and change ur life or ur entire destiny. Why did I say you should watch things you say 1. Is because there is power in ur mouth; life and death lieth in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. 2. What you say can either build u or mar u- if you want to build ur destiny to the top, u got to be positive in what u say, some have re-arrange their future from what it ought to be to a different thing all together. Positive beings attract positive results. Watch this am not talking about been a part time positive sayer, but am talking about consistent positive sayer, proclaimer. In mathematics positive plus negative is equal to negative- it therefore means if u are saying positive plus negative things, not just saying any negative things but believing and claiming it into ur life then u will have negative results. But if u say, believe and claim positive things plus positive things u will get a positive answer so cultivate the character of saying positive things into ur life, also be positive. It is so easy to say things that are negative, but if u work hard on urself by saying the right things, thinking the right way then u must have done ur life a great favour.

Seeing opporturnity in difficuit situations.

Great inventors in pass time and present saw opportunity in dificuit situation or situations. People like Thomas A. Edison, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gate saw opportunity in difficuit situations. How? Thomas A. Edison who made electric bulb encountered difficuit situation like not getting it right, that is failing over and over again, “he failed 1000 times before getting it right.” why such persistency? Many of us if we fail few times we give up but this is a man who saw opportunity to invent first electric bulb despite the challenge, difficuity in the situation. Many of us need to have this kind of spirit- easily not giving up in things. Mark Zuckerberg faced critizism after inventing facebook by his co-inventors before, he left them to focuse his energy in making facebook a reality because he know what he wants. Despite that critizism he did’nt give up because he saw an opportunity instead of the difficuit situation, this young man saw an opportunity to express his innate ability. In conclusion when faced with dificuit situation in the mist of opportunity focuse on achieving the opportunity rather than been scared of the difficuity.

Think out the best from you.

You can be the best by thinking out the best from you. You is ur personality, thinkers are solution providers, they create things into being from their imagination. Now they do it with passionate interest, not for money first but for passion first, also environment for thinkers are scruitinized by these creative genius- the look into their environment with a creative eye and see an opportunity in what others see as not workable. They have that sense of perception; they percive what others don’t and see what others don’t see. They either create a totally new thing or they make better or best they things which have been created. They better the lives of people, make life easy and sweet. Reader in u is lying dormant your best, do ur part to think out the best in u. But u knw for u to think effectively, in a sound manner u need to recognise Jesus as ur personal lord and savour so, make Jesus ur lord today. I conclude by saying winners don’t quit and quiters don’t win, even though u think out something and u tried it and it fails don’t give up try again and again, decide to win.

I imagine

“I imagine”is the title of this one, this title came to me on the program I went to in a church at Nigeria, the inspiration behind this title from the program is as a result of the things I witnessed in the program. How the people were singing and how I was touched, how they were playing intrument alongside with the music and demostration was something I imagined. To be honest with u I was touched so I have no other option but to imagine things. I imagine how great someone can become and it will make u stand before kings, u will meet with people of authority like the presidents, leaders in all powerful positions. The imagination metamophosed to I imagining how it can happen or be. There is time for hardwork and patient and then recognition sets in, in conclusion follow the order of life.

Have a rethink.

Before taking a conclusion on crucial matters have a rethink. Crucial matters like your choice of spouse, ur carreer in life , your choice of place to live, infact ur destiny as a whole. Am telling u these because many people have put theirselves in depression on marriage, carreer, choice of place to live because the refuse to rethink on their decisions. As a matter of fact ur decisions in life should be matched with they decisions of God in ur life; that means u need to enquire from ur maker on decisions u want to take if He says go on then u go on. But am specifically going to focus on marital decisions, many people have been rendered unproductive because of their decision of marriage, they live like they are in bondage, they are unfulfiled, unhappy and depressed because they refuse to rethink and think on a Godly direction, now is not basically a christian thing, but am speaking like this because am a christian. But even as a pegan, muslim or other religion u don’t rush into certain decisons in life that is crucial to ur destination, u need to rethink. Therefore in conclusion think alright and produce right results.

Think-through to break-through

You need to think, if u don’t think you are retarding ur brain from effectiveness. Some people are too lazy to task their brain and think, they see thinking as a burden, a stressful work. No wonder they best in them refused to show up. The fact is that when you don’t think you will remain ineffective, when u think solution shows up, nevertheless am not talking about negative thinking that one is wory, anxiety that is not profitable. Am talking about positive thinking wether is contructive thinking, creative thinking and productive think. We need thinkers in this generation, people who will think out solutions, new things, innovative people, enterprenuerial thinkers. These particular sets of people are people who thinks. I give an example, people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gate, etc. The fact about creative, productive thinkers is that the just dont think about something they think with vision in focuse, they want to help provide solution to a problem people are facing or they want to improve the betterment of life for people. So therefore think with vision in focuse plus don’t be affraid of failing, if u fail try again, dont fear to take risk. In conclusion make sure u think-through to break-through.

The power of the mind part1.

The mind is very powerful, the mind can limit someone it can equally take a person to the zeneth. They say “poverty begins in the mind” thats is very correct because as a man thinketh so is he. Some people see theirselves very small or negligable, they see theirselves that they cannot be rich; they have this kind of poverty mentality-their minds are corrupted, with the virus of poverty of the mind. They believe they can never handle good money, while some other people see money as the root of all evil and therefore no need to acquire good money. Reader the mind has bring down great people and turned them into nothing. Now how can one deal with the mind to work for him positively? 1. You need to be born again, give ur life to Jesus christ 2. You need to feed ur mind with good information like the word f God, good literal works etc. To eliminate in other to substitude the bad information that are there. You need to do hardwork on urself, God will not do that one for u He can only assist u. Take advantage of this blog information and work on Youself.