Your choices matter

Your choices can make or mar you. Many people are making the wrong choices everyday. And these wrong choices is the reason why their lives is what it is today. Making of choices is in your power, that is a gift God Almighty gave us. If you make they right choices daily, it will reflect in your life. Make the right choices today. Choose what to think on, meditate on, choose the things that consume your thoughts, because things that consume your thoughts, your imagination will soon become a reality. Choose positivities and not negativities. Your choices, determines your destiny in life. They kinds of friends you keep, places you go is a thing of choice. You can also determine your eternal destiny, by choosing whether if you will give your life to Christ and serving Him and be with Him in heaven. Is a thing of choice. But, I advice you to surrender to Him today, by comfessing Him as your Lord and Savour. Thank you all.


Developing persistent characters

We need to develop characters that has ability to stand the test of time. No matter what it takes, you must work really hard to replace destructive characters with contructive ones. It does’nt take peting to succeed in this, it really takes a never giving up spirit to remove what has become your characters. Your characters is you, and they can either make or mar you. If constructively applied in the right directions, it will land you save in your destiny. Characters don’t just form, it takes processes. They processes are thus; from thoughts to actions, from actions to habits, from habits to characters and your characters determines your future. Be watchful and alert, against these thoughts that are destructive. Thoughts ares things. Thoughts crystallises. The word of God is the most effective way one can have a transformed mind. The word of God will help you control your thoughts. Please lets take advantage of it. And if you have not surrendered your life to Christ, please do today, He is waiting to help u

Realising the real you

You got to realise your real you! Because your real you, is your real worth. You may be worth a billion dollar, a million dollar, but the fact, is you have’nt discovered yourself, so you go around begging for pilenuts. You real you may be a solution to one terminal diseases, but your physical self have belittled and deceived you. You got to wake up from the self pity, and begin to think forward. Your real you must be discovered or else you will die less your worth or be living less your value. How do you realise your REAL YOU! 1. You got to love yourself 2. You got to believe in yourself( does not mean, remove the Almighty God from your affairs) 3. You got to think the right things 4. You got to take steps of faith in your life. If you have not accepted Jesus, please do today, as He will interfere in your life and help you in the journey of realising the real you.

You have the right to be different!

You have a right to be different! You need to start think differently, acting different so that, you will get outstanding results or different results. You carry something inside you! But you need to study yourself. Remember this, your condition is not your conclution. In that your organisation, behave differently, think differently in that office! Dare to be different! You have a right to think positively different. Don’t give up so soon! If you try something and it fails, try it again, again as many untill it works. Don’t give up so soon. I also want to let you know, that Jesus loves you and want you saved. So call upon today by comfessing Him as your Lord and Savour and you shall be save. Please, do it with all your heart.

What is your form?

What forms you, is very important. And personally important, identify or find out what and what is forming you right now or what formed you. What is your form? Is a question you answer for yourself. Some, what formed them or forming them is bad friends. Some, what is forming or formed them is economic reccession. Some are been formed by bad news. What is responsible for your formation matters, because, that will determine your life outcome. Negative things, forming your life will lead to negative outcome. Positive things forming you, lead to positive out. Hey! Hey! don’t allow negative role model stars to influence your life. Most importantly, allow Jesus to form you, because, you will not regret it. If you have’nt accepted Jesus, please do allow Him to be your role model. Imagine what will happen if you allow the creator of the heaven and earth to form your life. Accept HIM today, if you have not, by comfessing HIM as your personal LORD AND SAVOUR. And henceforth, study His Word, let us meditate on it.

Raising generation of helpers

We need generation of helpers in this generation. A generation, were youths have strayed away from the commandment of God. Humanbeings inventing things, not of God, destroying the minds of the young generation, through pornographic displays in the internet. And providing avenues or platforms, or mediums with the internet to corrupt, or introduce virus to the minds of the young generation. Instead of having generation of young helpers, or any age, we have people who are corrupt in the mind. Our generation need to be de-virus ( remove the virus) I mean. Be a generation of helpers today, and help correct some adnormalities. But if you have not identify with Jesus, please do today. And finally if you want to donate to this foundation, in any good way, is welcomed. You can write to me in my email; Thank you!

Climbing up, and down to your destination

The inspiration of this blog is out of my unhappiness. Life destination is like climbing a flyover and in doing that, something is involved. Especially with a leg or bicycle, you will find out, difficuity is involved. With a car, is not difficuit to the driver but it tells on the car, even if, is not like that. Climbing up, and down to your destination, you need help. In the car or machine or anything that is engine carriable, you need fuel as the help to make it move. Bicycle or leg need energy; this energy comes from the break down of carbonhydrate. This morning as I was climbing the flyover with my bicycle, the thought of this title was formed. I learnt, as I climbed up with the bicycle it was difficuit, that I even at a point, pushed the bicycle up, until I think is okay. Then, when rolling down, it was easy and enjoyable for me. In conclusion, We need Jesus to help us in destinations of life. God can help us in difficuities, in our journey to our destinations. Lets give him the chance, in our lives.

Living a life of impart

How can someone live an impartful life? Someone can live an impartful life by living a purposeful life. What then is a purposeful life? A purposeful is a life with purpose, and purpose is discovering why you were created. Until someone is purposeful, he can make an impartful imparts, in his generation. The world is looking for solutions to unending problems. But, one who is making his impart, will help produce solutions to his world. And it can be through the wisdom of God and His permission. Today, I want to encourage you to make impart, live impart and be living impart. Show love to humans, and be showing love, if you want to make impart, live impart and be living impart.

The same ,but, different

Two people like twins can look the same, but, have different content. followers can behave the same way, the leader behave, but have different content. Is important you discover you content. Your content is your value. Your content is your real you. There is not the real you, value, without content. Show me a hero and I will show you a content. Show me a historian, and I will show you a content. But is important to position your content towards the positive direction. There is no book without contents. These contents are in chapters, pages, subheadings, paragraphs. If you equate this to life and think it, you can see extra ordinary meaning from this. Now Jesus is waiting at your door, your heart, and if you open, He will come in.